SumProg Sunday: Eastern Europe Israel Pilgrimage

What’s up Hanegev?!

I’m Eliza Lebovitz and this summer I have the privilege to travel across Eastern Europe and Israel with USY on a trip called Eastern Europe Israel Pilgrimage! Having visited Israel two times in the past, I am so pumped to go with USY. Before Israel, a group of 45 ruach filled teens will travel through Eastern Europe. From Prague to Germany to Poland, we will visit the concentration camps and more. This is a once in a life opportunity to travel with USYers, and I wouldn’t pass up the offer! I’m so excited for this summer because I get to spend it with not only 45 of my new best friends, but also 3 other Hanegev USYers; Jenna Levin, Jenna Levine and Adam Safran! It’s not too late to sign up for other summer programs!


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Eliza Lebovitz