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Shalom HaNegev! My name is Sophie Batya Libow and I am beyond excited to be your 2016-2017 Religion and Education Vice President. People know me as the girl who has a weird obsession with Canada (eh?) and kale (hey, it can be eaten in so many cool ways!), but also someone who is super passionate about prayer, constantly learning, and teaching about Judaism in formal and informal ways. This year, I promise to help HaNegev celebrate the very things that make USY unique in the most fun and captivating ways through limmudim, creative services, and more! Find me at a convention or message me whenever- I’m always ready to start a conversation about Canada, healthy eating, theology, Judaism, or anything else! So put your kiddish cups in your palms, grab a B’Kol Echad, and wait for the sizzle- it’s going to be a great year!