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Hey whats up shalom, HaNegev!! I’m Fetty Wap Sami, and although I don’t have one eye and don’t like cookin’ pies with my baby, I do have a big heart and even bigger passion for the ‘Gev. Sometimes I’m mistaken for a 7 year old because I love Dr. Seuss and my diet consists of 99% GoGo SqueeZ (apple sauce in a pouch – a snack for ages 1-7). Aside from being a child, I like to low-key stalk Israeli soldiers and high-key jam to Israeli music. I’ve attempted to play every sport and failed miserably every time (unless lip-syncing counts), I can watch a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy in a day, my favorite app is Bitmoji, and I’m Beyonce(‘s biggest fan). Last but not least, I love the most wonderful region in all of International USY more than anything in the world (even GoGo and Bey). I love our mascot (s/o to HUSY), I love all 7 states (plus Puerto Rico and Barbados) that we dominate, and most of all, I love every single one of you. This year, as your Trap Queen President, I vow to do everything in my power to make sure that HaNegev stays on top as the best damn region in the USA (and Canada, eh?)!