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Hellooooooo, HaNegev! This is Joel Rittenberg, your 2016-2017 Regional Israel Affairs Vice President. I am from the Upper HaNegev (Sababa). You could say I am an average High Schooler with a love for USY. I am always mistaken for an Alabamanian because of my University of Alabama attire (Can I get a Roll Tide??). They say I jump higher than SeƱor Sababa. My favorite part of Israel is obviously The Negev. Although I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, my heart and home lies in Israel. My mission is to spread my passion and love for Israel to the members of HaNegev through educational and fun initiatives throughout the year and programs at conventions. But, my goal is to, ultimately, strengthen the position of IA in the region, and spread my passion for Israel to USYers of the region. I am always here to talk, so do not be shy! I am tremendously excited to serve as your IA and begin what will be an amazing year!