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Regional Executive Board

Jacob Slavkin

Regional President 

Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Slavkin and I am your Regional President!! I come from the incredible chapter of COSUSY (go bearcats!) and I currently am a senior at Lake Mary High School home of the rams GO RAMS!! If I could have one super power in my life It would 100% be the power to fly. That way I could get to conventions even faster!! In my free time I have many things that I love to do. Some of the things are that: I have my sailing license and I go sailing once a week, I love to watch Netflix and binge shows, and most importantly, I love to help and serve all of you!! I love to serve yall because I want to help create an important USY moment and experience for you. Personally, mine was at my freshman RGBW where I was asked by the regional president at the time to lead ruach in the middle of a rainstorm in the middle of public. Just getting up there and shouting Od Yishama in the middle of a crowd of USYers and the public people just watching in awe made me want to keep doing USY and commit everything to this loving and caring organization. I cannot wait for an incredible year with you and I can’t wait to see all of you at conventions and IC ORLANDO this year!!

Regional Executive Board

Emma Grungold

Religion/Education VP

My name is Emma Grungold and I am so incredibly proud to be serving as HaNegev’s Regional Religion and Education Vice President. I hail from the most powerful and buzzing chapter in the region, BAUSY (buzz, buzz)!!!! I am a junior in high school, and when I am not at USY, you can probably find me binge watching Netflix, tracking down the best açaí bowl shops, complaining about my homework, and chilling with friends. If I could have any super power, I would love to be able to control the weather. My favorite USY moment is the feeling when you reunite with all of your friends at conventions. I can’t wait for an amazing year full of religion and education with you, HaNegev! So let’s do this!

Regional Executive Board

Lian Kleinman

Israeli Affairs VP

Hi, my name is Lian Kleinman! I am in 12th grade and belong to Sababa in Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Israel and I love going back to visit when I can. I like listening to music, spending time with my friends and family, and traveling to different places (especially places with yummy food). If I could have one superpower, it would be shapeshifting because then I could be an awesome undercover agent! The moment I got hooked to USY was my freshman year at International Convention because for the first time I was able to see the effect USY has on people across the country and how it can bring so many great people together. I’m looking forward to an awesome year with the BEST region 🙂

Regional Executive Board

Jacob Needle

Executive & Social Action/Tikun Olam VP

Hello! My name is Jacob Needle and I am your HaNegev Executive and Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President! My favorite USY moment was RGBW 2015 when I first fell in love with USY and met all my friends that I still have to this day. I am a member of TBTST and I am currently in 12th grade. I love to workout, play fortnite, and play soccer! Besides that, I LOVE doing anything and everything USY or Jewish! TO be honest, if I could have one super power I would love the power to control time because I wish I could go back and witness some of the amazements of the past!

Regional Executive Board

Ben Surasky

Membership/Kadima VP 

Hello HaNegev! My name is Ben Surasky and I’m your regional Membership/Kadima VP this year. I’m in 12th grade and belong the the beautiful chapter of Sababa USY (home of the frogs) (ribbit)! I am super excited for the year! A couple things about me: my USY moment was a huge sloach session at my freshman year regionals because it gave me the chills watching everyone sing in unison, if I could have any super power it would be to speak any language cause that would be so cool, and last I LOVE KADIMA!!! I hope to meet each and everyone of you so please don’t hesitate to come up and start a convo with me!

Regional Executive Board

Tali Lyons

Communications VP 

Hey HaNegev! My name is Tali Lyons, and I am honored to be your 2018-2019 Regional Communications Vice President. I’m a senior at Walton High School, and am a devoted fan to say the least. (GO RAIDERS!!) My home is Sababa in Marietta, Georgia. I’ve grown up a Georgia Peach raised on my parents Southern charm and LOTS of country music. Like most teenage girls, I love to jam out to all types of music, hang out with my school, camp, and USY friends. I love a good adventure with my friends and using my polaroid camera whenever I get a chance! When I’m not doing USY work and being the #CanvaQueen I’m usually traveling, trying new foods, or finding a new place to hang out at in East Cobb. My favorite USY moment was at Ein Gedi Fall Subs my 7th grade year when I found my love for this organization. Lastly, if I could have any super power it would be the ability to teleport so I could go anywhere at any time! Feel 

Regional Executive Board

Elan Levine

Ein Gedi Sub Regional President

Helloooooooo ladies, gents, and Stan from Dog With A Blog, I’m Elan Levine, your 2018-2019 Ein Gedi Sub-Regional President! I’m a junior from Charleston, SC (that’s in Mercaz (JK Arvot (JK, I’ll let you guess))), and I come from the coolest chapter in the Southeast… COSY! My hobbies include: being a superhero while watching superhero movies and tv shows on Netflix, watching romcoms and soaps on Netflix, and talking about my girlfriend who lives and Canada and you can never meet her and she doesn’t have a phone and I have no pictures… If you told me that I could have one superpower, I would spend the next 20 minutes explaining to you all of the superpowers I want and why (#NotJokingPlsAsk). Just like superheroes, I also love USY, you could say my favorite part is making new friends, but in reality it’s making new family (#CheesierThanMacAndCheese). OK, c u l8r peeps!

Regional Executive Board

Sadie Waldbaum

Mercaz Sub-Regional President

Hi! My name is Sadie Waldbaum. I am a junior from COSUSY (go cats!) in Orlando, Fl. I am so excited to be serving as your 2018-2019 Mercaz Subregional President! If I had one super power, I would want to be able to read minds to see what people are thinking about. In my free time I enjoy participating in my schools drama club, traveling and of course being a part of USY. USY has made such an impact on my life and I hope that this year I can bring that impact back all of you. My favorite USY moment is very hard t choose because there are just so many! However, one of my favorites is the moment I arrive at convention, being rushed at the doors by my friends and embraced with my favorite hellos. Everyone is always so welcoming and happy to see you and I think that these moments at the beginning of every event truly represent the family created in USY. I cannot wait to see what this year brings our Mercaz and Hanegev families!  

Regional Executive Board

Ilana Richman

Arvot Sub-Regional President 

Hey everyone!! My name is Ilana Richman and I and the 2018-2019 Arvot Sub-Regional President. I’m born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida and I’m a CSK minyan for life!! I’m a senior at Atlantic High in Delray Beach and I am the captain of the varsity lacrosse team. I love dogs, reality tv (don’t even get me started on the Bachelor), traveling, baking, USY summer programs, and laughing about literally everything and anything. USY has been my second home since I walked into my first kadima program and I can’t wait to have an amazing year contributing to my home away from home. WE ARE THE NEBBISHES THE NEBBISHES ARE WE!!!!!